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Leonel Godinez

Leonel Godinez was Born in Colima Mexico. He came to this Country at the young age of the Land of Opportunity. Leonel started his business career in the automobile industry in 1987 where his dedication, hard work and people skills catapulted him to the top in his field. He was quickly promoted to upper management. His auto dealership and staff were recognized with many awards for their accomplishments. During this time mastered the art of negotiating and perfected his communication skills with people.

In 1997 he met with his mentor and business partner, Fidel Hernandez. Together they thrived in network marketing and in a short 14 months Leonel reached the highest level of the company. During his years in network marketing, Leonel started five different businesses and began to live the life he always dreamed of. After becoming a success he started to train others to achieve.

In 2002, Fidel Hernandez and Leonel decided it was time to teach others the success principles they had developed. Leonel now runs the daily operations of UR NEXT.BIZ. Leonel's work ethic, passion and dedication has enabled UR NEXT.BIZ to be one of the elite coaching firms in the U.S.

When asked what is your vision for the next ten years?
To give more to our community and make more millionaires than any other company in the United States!"

- Leonel Godinez


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